Sunday, August 12, 2007

Assorted Randomness

So, now that I've finally absorbed the final episode of one of my favorite HBO series, I decided it was time to look for a new show to fill that Sopranos-shaped hole in my brain. I ended up choosing The Wire, after hearing so many good things about it over the past few months. Like any self-respecting TV-geek, I started out from the beginning. I've watched about six episodes now, and I'm not disappointed. The only bad thing I have to say so far is that Dominic West's character is a little cliched (an alcoholic Irish cop who plays by his own rules? I've never seen that before!) and annoying, but the rest of the cast is strong, and the story seems suitably intelligent. I especially taken a liking to Clarke Peters character, Lester Freamon (I guess cliches are more tolerable when they're quiet), so I was pleasantly surprised to hear a Miles Davis tune playing in the background during Peters first major episode. I can't find any info about The Wire's music, but unless my hearing has started to fail me at an extremely premature age, I'm sure what I heard was from Kind Of Blue. So here's my favorite track from that album, 'Blue In Green'. Oh, and in case you haven't heard, On The Corner is getting seven-disc box set reissue next month. Be sure to pick it up if you happen to have a small fortune just laying around, collecting dust.

Miles Davis - Blue In Green.mp3
[From Kind Of Blue, released 1959 on Columbia]