Monday, August 27, 2007

No Hot Air Balloons?

So, the new Beirut leaked last night. Unfortunately, I found out a little too late to listen to it then, which meant I heard it for the first time this morning. Some people are calling it Gulag Orkestar #2, which I can sort of understand. But for me, The Flying Club Cup definitely has a different vibe than it's predecessor. So far, my favorite track is 'Cliquot', which may or may not feature Owen Pallet. Also, here's the official tracklisting, for anyone who may be confused:

00 "A Call to Arms"
01 "Nantes"
02 "A Sunday Smile"
03 "Guyamas Sonora"
04 "La Banlieu"
05 "Cliquot"
06 "The Penalty"
07 "Forks and Knives (La FĂȘte)"
08 "In the Mausoleum"
09 "Un Dernier Verre (Pour la Route)"
10 "Cherbourg"
11 "St. Apollonia"
12 "The Flying Club Cup"

And yes, the the 00 track is official.

Beirut - Cliquot.mp3
[From The Flying Club Cup, out October 9th on 4AD]


Unknown said...

I love the penalty and pour la route which I am sure features Owen. It's a great record.